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NFL Odds - Favre Enters the Unknown

NFL odds handicappers and Minnesota Vikings fans were relieved when Brett Favre announced he was returning to action with the NFL betting odds as quarterback.

NFL odds immediately got more expensive on the Vikings as they once again became one of the leading favorites with futures NFL betting odds to make the Super Bowl.

Best known for being a gunslinger and for countless NFL passing records, mostly with the Green Bay packers, Favre is one of just 17 quarterbacks in NFL history to start a game after turning 40 years old.

Favre enters his 20th season of action with pain that will not go away as his body is slower to heal.  He has all the money he could ever need and then some and a gargantuan spread/home in Mississippi.  The question continues to come up about why he would return for more abuse, pain, and pressure of another season with the NFL betting lines.

Most people say that it comes down to Favre’s competitive nature.  Most who know him say that he simply loves the game and wants one more shot at a Super Bowl.

Favre has had numerous operations in order to stay in one piece and continue playing.

“There’s nothing on me 100 percent,” said Favre.  “There wasn’t anything on me 100 percent last year or the year before.  The surgeries, I think, have made me a little better, but I’ve played 309 straight games, I can’t complain.”

One part of Favre’s body is in great shape, however, his rocket right arm.  And that is what the Vikings hope they can ride to success with the NFL lines.

“My arm felt like it was 21 last year,” said Favre.  “Amazing.”

Favre was hesitant about coming back due to surgery on his ankle from an injury that he suffered in the NFC Championship Game.  Then there was the mental anguish Favre had to deal with regarding the interception he threw at the end of regulation time as the Vikings were driving for the winning field goal attempt.

It was that loss with the NFL odds at New Orleans that may have caused the most pain of all.

“Everyone wants to talk about the physical toll in that particular game,” said Favre.  “The mental toll is what is hard to deal with.”

At 40 Favre continued his streak of 309 consecutive games started, a NFL quarterback record.  He hopes to win the Super Bowl at 41 as the oldest QB to do so.