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NFL Football Gambling - Props Galore Part of Excitement

NFL football gambling may focus on picking the winner of the matchup for the odds to win Super Bowl but there are many additional ways to enjoy wagering on Super Sunday.
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NFL football gambling fans can bet totals, quarters, halves, and money line odds to win Super Bowl but one of the most creative ways to play is with proposition bets.

“Prop” bets range from a wide variety of ways to wager ranging from the opening coin toss, (heads or tails), to which team and or player will score the first touchdown and who will throw or run for catch for the most yards.  And that is just for starters.

While football betting with props may seem like tossing darts there are actually some props that can be handicapped with stats and research.

For example which running back will have the most yards or for that matter the over under yardage total for a running back can be handicapped rather easily by looking over the game by game production of the particular back in question.

The same for quarterbacks holds true as a good handicapper can figure how many touchdown passes a QB will throw by analyzing both the signal caller and the defense that he is going up against.  Plus there are other indicators such as which receiver a QB likes to go to, particularly for touchdowns.

Total yardage by a team is another great way to gain a potential Super Bowl betting edge on props as good research can often reveal if a team will go over or under a certain yardage total both on the ground and or in the air based on their own ability along  with the ability of the other team’s defense.

While most of the publicity about the game will be on the side Super Bowl odds and picking the correct winner with the pointspread the amount of prop bets is staggering and there are so many choices available that it is possible to find a good line to take advantage of with a solid handicapping effort.

Special teams results such as a kickoff or punt return for a touchdown or field goals are yet another way for a good handicapper to gain a potential NFL football gambling advantage with the props board and to add to the excitement of Super Sunday.