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NFL football gambling - Parity Makes Dogs Bite

NFL football gambling handicappers have seen the dog be the way to go with in recent years and that is based in large part to the parity in the league.
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NFL football gambling results show that the odds to win Super Bowl underdog has covered in 7 of the last 9 years including the last 3 consecutive matchups on Super Sunday.

When Pete Rozelle took over as National Football League Commissioner in 1960 he entered office with a new way of thinking in which he described as “League Think.”  League Think was simply a way of describing how Rozelle believed that the NFL could best grow with all of the teams sharing the revenues and looking out for the good of the league first before their own individual franchises.

In the 1970’s the buzzword was “parity” and Rozelle’s dream has finally been realized as the league is more open and unpredictable now that at any other time with plenty of teams that are legitimate contenders.  The NFL has had a different Super Bowl champion crowned at the end of the last 6 consecutive football betting seasons.

With this emphasis on parity and the great roster turnover that has been triggered by free agency and salary cap issues the dynamics of successful Super Bowl betting have completely changed from back in the 1960’s and 1970’s when there was far more roster stability than there is today.

With talent spread out on a much more equal basis than was the case a generation ago the dynamics that go into winning and handicapping a champion are far different than was the case in the past.

The first thing to understand when handicapping the Super Bowl odds is that nothing is impossible and anything can happen.  The New York Giants upset win over the New England Patriots and the Arizona Cardinals near miss in their payoff against the Pittsburgh Steelers prove that the Super Bowl dynamics are far different in this new era.

Underdogs have had excellent results in the past few Super Bowls because of this parity and also because the NFL football gambling line is not based on the actual merits of the teams involved but instead is based on public perception, which is most often driven by hype and an eye on the favorite.