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NFL Football Gambling - Money Line Path to Profits

NFL football gambling for Super Sunday is always focused first on the pointspread odds to win Super Bowl but there is another great way to pick the winner.
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NFL football gambling fans have found that the money line is a great way to pick the straight up winner with the odds to win Super Bowl without having to worry about the pointspread.

The money line is a football betting method in which gamblers lay odds with the favorite or take odds with the dog.  Many handicappers like the money line, especially when taking favorites, because they don’t want to go through the agony of picking the straight up winner of the game but lose the wager because that team failed to cover the pointspread.

A great example of how the money line can be a great way to take part in Super Bowl betting comes from the 2009 Super Bowl between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Arizona Cardinals.  The Steelers were a 7 point favorite and won the Super Bowl over Arizona in a thriller as they scored the game winning touchdown in the final seconds for a final score of 27-23.

The problem that Pittsburgh bettors had with the pointspread is that they lost the bet despite Pittsburgh winning the game.  But those who instead bet the money line were thrilled to get paid as all they had to concern themselves with was the straight up winner.

In this case Pittsburgh was a -$300 choice with the money line which means that a gambler would lay out $300 to win $100 in profit plus also get back the original $300 that was wagered.

The money line also came in handy with the New England Patriots in both the 2004 and 2005 Super Bowls.  The Patriots defeated the Carolina Panthers 32-29 as 7 point favorites with the Super Bowl odds in 2004 and defeated the Philadelphia Eagles 24-21 as 7 point favorites in the 2005 Super Sunday matchup as they failed to cover the spread in both games.

Both gamblers that instead bet with the money line on the Patriots were winners!

The money line also offers potentially huge NFL football gambling profits on big dogs such as the New York Giants, who were at least +800 or better in their 2008 upset win over New England.