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NFL Betting - Lions See Hope for 2010

NFL betting expectations have been low for the Detroit Lions in the past decade plus as they have just begun to dig out of the NFL gambling sink hole left by Matt Millen.

NFL betting perceptions could be changing for the Lions however as they continue their rebuilding efforts with a new found optimism that could make them a NFL gambling sleeper.

Detroit won only 2 games last year but that was double their win total of 2008 as they began their new era with general manager Martin Mayhew and head coach Jim Schawartz, who brought in 2009 number one overall draft pick Matthew Stafford to be the face of the franchise as the new quarterback.

Although the Lions acknowledge that they have a long way to go they also feel good about the direction that they are taking starting with a tougher attitude that took shape last year.

“Hope isn’t a strategy,” said Schwartz.  “You need good players.  I think what we proved last year is that we weren’t ready to accept sub-par performance.  We were willing to make changes and things like that.”

“We have a big sense of urgency,” said Schwartz.  “I don’t want to say we’ve been patient.  We just haven’t deviated from our plan and we haven’t gone too much for immediate gratification.”

Stafford’s continued improvement will be a key for the Lions and their prospects with the NFL betting odds.  He lost 6 starts due to injury last year and threw 20 interceptions but with new additions at receiver with Nate Burleson, tight end with Tony Scheffler, and running back with Jahvid Best, he has a better supporting cast for 2010.

Stafford worked tirelessly in the offseason with receiver Calvin Johnson and expects better success with the NFL betting lines.

“We have a lot of weapons this year,” said Stafford.  “It’s up to us to get some rhythm and get it going.”

Another huge element, in more ways than one, will be the Lions top draft pick for 2010 Ndamukong Suh, the prized defensive tackle from Nebraska.  Suh has been all business.  When asked what he treated himself to after singing his multimillion dollar contract he replied, “I’m treating myself to getting on this field and getting ready.”

The Lions split their first two NFL betting matchups in the preseason and host the Cleveland Browns on Saturday.