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NFL Betting - Will Favre Appeasement Backfire'

NFL betting handicappers still have the Minnesota Vikings pegged to be one of the leading contenders to make the Super Bowl for the 2010 NFL gambling season.

NFL betting concerns about how the team coddled and appeased quarterback Brett Favre continue to be an intangible NFL gambling factor that is yet to be played out.

For the past two seasons the Vikings allowed Favre to skip training camp as well as off season minicamp and workouts.  Favre was allowed to stay on his Mississippi farm until the last possible moment both in 2009 and this year.

The Vikings finally sent down three of Favre’s closest teammates to beg him to join the team for the rest of preseason as most Viking officials do acknowledge that the 40-year old quarterback gives them the best chance to win.

Favre is coming off his best season in years and one of the best of his entire career.

The Vikings believe they should have beaten the New Orleans Saints in the NFC Championship Game as they clearly outgained the eventual Super Bowl champions but did themselves in with costly turnovers including the most devastating one of all when Favre threw a bad interception as the Vikings were attempting to drive for the game winning field goal late in the 4th quarter.

The Vikings finished the 2009 season in the black with the NFL betting odds but could be a potential overlay in 2010 due to the hype regarding the team as well as improved competition in the NFC.

Favre is said to be on bad terms with Minnesota head coach Brad Childress as the coach reigned in the quarterback who wanted a more wide open attack.  Childress has been very accommodating to Favre, however.

“When the terrain varies, you go with the terrain,” said Childress.  “You look and see what a situation calls for and you do it.”

The Vikings are under pressure to beat the NFL betting lines this year as it’s likely to be Favre’s last season and many other key players are reaching their peak.

Many experts in NFL betting fear that there could be a team chemistry problem with the way that the Vikings have coddled Favre in their eyes.  While many professionals and NFL executives understand the star system they believe that the Vikings took it to a ridiculous level and that they will pay for it down the line.