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NFL Betting - Is Big Blue True Blue'

NFL betting handicappers will be looking for which New York team will show up for the 2010 NFL gambling season as there seemed to be 2 Giants teams in 2009.

NFL betting fans recall that the 2007 world champions began last season in dominant fashion with 5 consecutive wins and no NFL gambling losses.

Just as the Giants appeared to be the front runner to regain the NFC championship, however, they were blown out at New Orleans by the eventual Super Bowl champion Saints 27-48 in which all of their weaknesses were fully exposed, beginning with a sieve like defense.

The Giants won only 3 more games the rest of the year while paying out gamblers just two times in that span.

The big question entering 2010 is which team should handicappers judge with the NFL preseason odds?  The answers could go either way as while there is optimism based on off season changes there is no proof as of yet that those changes will produce results.

Tom Coughlin entered the 2007 as the NFL head coach with the hottest seat and ended with a Super Bowl ring.  Last year’s collapse put him right back on the front burner, which may be a positive as he has a track record of fighting the fire with fire - by winning!

“I don’t remember anyone saying I was on the hot seat when we were 5-0,” said Coughlin.  “But believe me; the most intense pressure comes from within.  The outside stuff doesn’t affect me.”

Coughlin said that he is going to sell his players on becoming “uncommonly good” in their preparation for action with the football odds in training camp.

Coughlin brought in a firebrand defensive coordinator Perry Fewell in order to shake up the complacent unit and has challenged key players such as defensive end Justin Tuck to take a more assertive role in leadership.

Among the big NFL betting storylines f or the Giants heading into the season is whether or not Osi Umenyiora will regain his starting spot on the defensive line for Fewell.  Umenyiora was benched in favor of Mathias Kiwanuka last year but is fighting to get his job back.

Another big concern is to improve the running game in order to take heat off of quarterback Eli Manning, who was forced to try and win games on his own last year.  The Giants were the top rushing team in 2008 before falling to 17th last year.