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NFL Sports Betting - How to Handicap a Preseason Game

NFL sports betting on preseason football is an entirely different exercise than regular season NFL football gambling.

There are unique factors to consider in exhibition games. NFL sports betting handicappers should therefore know the proper keys to focus in on for their preseason NFL football gambling preparation and success.  The first step towards success in preseason NFL sports betting is to gather as much information as possible about the priority that the teams involved are placing on the game.

Some teams may take a preseason game far more seriously and place far greater emphasis on it than their opponents.

There may even be certain angles that enhance one team over another in the NFL football gambling preseason such as a coach or player returning to face his old club, a new stadium dedication, a revenge game from the post season in the past, etc.

Next research how each team plans on utilizing their personnel for the NFL sports betting preseason matchup.  Teams will most often be up front about how long they are willing to play their normal NFL sports betting starting lineup and how deep down the depth chart they plan to go.

Even a sub par regular season team will have a solid NFL sports betting advantage over a superior team if the lesser team’s starters play far deeper into the game.  Next evaluate the backup quarterbacks, running backs, receivers, and defenders as they often will see the bulk of playing time in the NFL sports betting preseason.

Teams with deep rosters and motivated backups often make for exceptional NFL sports betting preseason values.  Backup quarterbacks are especially important in the NFL sports betting preseason.

Teams that have good backups that are hungry for snaps or even an outside shot at the starting position are teams that can bring profits to gamblers in the exhibition season.  Teams without good backup quarterbacks are often a huge liability in the preseason, especially when matched up against teams that have solid dependable backups.

Finally check the results of the previous games.  A team coming off a loss may play harder in their next game and vice versa.

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