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NFL Preseason Week 2 Betting Odds Preview

The second week of the NFL's preseason will continue to be interesting as more teams are looking to weed out the rough spots on their rosters and to settle quarterback battles. This listing of the best NFL preseason games and the betting odds for them shows that there are plenty of interesting games to watch for.

Philadelphia vs. New England

The New England Patriots are -2.5 favorites to beat the Philadelphia Eagles this week. Whether or not Tom Brady and Nick Foles are going to get plenty of exposure on the field is uncertain but it is always interesting to see two northeastern teams as they take on one another even in the preseason.

Seattle vs. San Diego

While it is true that the crowd at CenturyLink Field in Seattle is not going to be as notoriously loud as it has been in the regular season or playoffs, it will still be interesting to watch this game as the Seahawks have a -6.5 advantage over the San Diego Chargers. One point to see is if the Chargers' Philip Rivers will continue to be as strong as he was last year.

Green Bay vs. St. Louis

One positive about the St. Louis Rams is that even with all of the massive amount of media pressure surrounding Michael Sam, the Rams have been working quite hard this offseason to improve the team. Sam himself has made some good progress in training too. The Rams are -2.5 favorites to beat the Green Bay Packers.

Atlanta vs. Houston

The Houston Texans' Jadeveon Clowney did not get too much action last week in the Texans' preseason game but he could get a little more work against Matt Ryan and the Atlanta Falcons, a team who is trying to come back after a massive bomb of a season last year. The jury is still out on whether Ryan Fitzpatrick or Tom Savage should be the quarterback. The Texans are -3 favorites to win in this match.

Baltimore vs. Dallas

The Baltimore Ravens have been subjected to a large amount of negative press amid the recent suspension of starting running back Ray Rice. Rice's two-game suspension will force Bernard Pierce, Barnard Scott and Justin Forsett to compete for a more prominent running back spot for at least the first two weeks of the season. The Ravens are in a pick-em situation against the Dallas Cowboys in their coming preseason game.

Cleveland vs. Washington

The Washington Redskins have a -2 advantage over the Cleveland Browns but much of the game isn't going to be about Robert Griffin III's recovery. Much of it will be about whether or not Johnny Manziel will compete well with the Browns. The national football media seems to be on Manziel's tail all the time. The fact that much of the media is going to go after the ongoing and practically never-ending debate over the Redskin name.

These are just a few of the preseason games that will be taking place this week in the NFL. The odds for these games in week 2 of the preseason are interesting to spot and it could really be interesting to see just how these teams will be competing during the coming week while seeing who is cut and who stays.