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NFL Playoffs Lines at Sports Gambling

NFL playoffs were all over the place this post season, the football playoffs are always chock full of nutty occurrences.

Perhaps it was something in the air this year as the college football season was also nuts, but so far the NFL playoffs have been all screwy and with any luck it could continue into the Super Bowl as well. NFL playoffs are generally easier to predict than in the regular season because after playing 16 games much is known about both teams and in many cases in the football playoffs lines the teams have already faced each other before in the regular season.

In the case of the NFL playoffs featuring the Cowboys and the Giants this year the teams had already faced off twice! Their match up in the football playoffs was the third of the season!  And even then NFL playoffs favored the Cowboys by a hefty margin as they looked to win three times against the same team.

And as we all know the NLF playoff lines were dead wrong in that game. But that was hardly the only case in which the NFL football playoff lines were off this season.  In fact, there were only a few games where the NFL playoffs have actually been correct this season.  The Seahawks easily dispatched the Redskins in their first NFL playoffs contest.

But they were annihilated by Green Bay in a game that NFL playoffs predicted would be much closer than what the final score was.  The Jags were favored by a very slim margin in NFL playoffs when they played the Steelers and actually failed to cover the three point spread as they won by two points.

But aside from these close calls and near misses, the NFL playoffs have been woefully off in the football playoffs this year.  Take for example the New York Giants the team that will be representing the NFC in the NFL playoffs lines when the Super Bowl rolls around.

This is a team that has won a remarkable nine straight games on the road and has been the underdog in ever single one of its post season.  Yet some how they’ve found a way to defeat the heavily favored teams in the NLF playoffs lines and make their way to the biggest stage of the football playoffs.

So why can’t the magic against the Super Bowl?  The biggest reason is because the Pats look unstoppable.  But certainly, if any team right now can beat New England it’s the Giants.