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NFL Playoff Brackets at Sports Gambling

NFL playoff brackets are not as familiar to many football playoffs fans as the popular March Madness brackets but they’re just as important.

Yet the NFL playoff brackets can come in handy and provide alternative forms of football betting for fans that employ them. NFL playoff brackets are admittedly simply constructions.  As there are only 12 teams in total that make the NFL playoff brackets are not complicated.  However, when it comes to the football playoffs it’s often helpful to have a fully diagramed just to help keep every straight.

For having such few teams the football playoffs are not quite as simple as they sound. For one thing the match ups in the NFL football playoff brackets are not predetermined but rather based on the number of the seed that advances from week to another.

For instance the opponent of winner one week will not be known until after the game is played and the results are penciled into the NFL playoff bracket.  A great example of the mild confusion that can result in the football playoffs and a good reason to keep an NFL playoff bracket around is the case of the AFC playoffs this year.

To start with the seeding this season in the AFC was a bit confusing and was reason enough in and of itself to keep around.

Even though the Jacksonville Jags had a better regular season record (11-5) than the Pittsburgh Steelers (10-6) they were given a five seed in the NFL playoff bracket, whereas the Steelers, with a worse record were given the four seed in the NFL playoff bracket.  But the confusion doesn’t end there.

Even though the seedings were set in the next opponent of the winner of the Pittsburgh-Jacksonville game (Jacksonville) had to wait for the San Diego and Tennessee game to play out to see which team they would face in the second round of the NFL playoff brackets.

San Diego, the higher seed in the NFL playoff brackets won; therefore the Jags got the unpleasant match up of facing the perfect Pats. In the NFC there was slightly similar confusion in the NFL playoff brackets as the New York Giants had to face the Bucs on the road to open the playoffs even though the G-men had a better record.

But perhaps that kind of confusion is what makes the football playoffs so exciting.