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NFL Playoff Betting Lines at Sports Gambling

NFL playoff betting lines were a wild lot during this most recent football playoff season.

NFL playoff betting lines can always be difficult to predict but this season they seemed awful hard to get a handle on as the odds makers had a poor record in the Football playoffs in ’08.  But one man’s loss is another’s gain and there are plenty of sports betting fans that used the gaps in the NFL playoff betting lines to pad their wallets.

NFL playoff betting lines are always some of the most anticipated betting odds of the year.  The NFL is the overwhelmingly favorite sport of the sports fan in the US and so it’s only natural that the NFL playoff betting lines are wildly popular as well.  And the NFL playoff betting lines are even more popular when they offer so much room for success.

In just about every case this year when it came to handicapping the football playoff games the pros came up short. Generally the people who set the NFL football playoff betting lines are right on the money when it comes to picking the winners and losers, but with an unpredictable set of teams in the football playoffs this year their task was no walk in the park.

The most obvious of the NFL playoff betting lines errors have involved the New England Patriots.  Anyone that saw any football playoffs games this year knows what kind of team the Pats are: excellent. And so it’s not so strange that the Pats should be favored in all the NFL playoff betting lines, but what is strange is the huge spread that they continue to enjoy.

Every post season game they play in they’re favored by two TDs and the NFL playoff betting lines for the Super Bowl are the same.  So far the NFL playoff betting lines have been wrong in every game with the Pats failing to cover the exaggerated spread. But the NFL playoff betting lines makers erred in many other ways in the post season.

For example, the they missed the mark in tight games as well such as wild card match up between the Steelers and the Jags, favoring the Jags by three points in the NFL playoff betting lines when they actually won by only two points.  That mistake can be forgiven and was only off by a point.

But what about picking against the Giants not once but twice in the NFL playoff betting lines?  Or setting the NFL playoff betting lines way to narrow for the Green Bay and Seattle match up?  Likewise for the Chargers and Titans game?

It’s obviously no simple task setting NFL playoff betting lines but this year seemed especially bad for the bookies… but great for sports bettors.