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NFL Lines - Texans Preseason Preview

NFL lines are going to favor the Houston Texans to make their first ever playoff appearance against the NFL gambling odds this year.

NFL lines also take into account that the Texans may be the second best team in the AFC south against the NFL gambling odds as Indianapolis may be fading and Jacksonville is unproven.  How these high expectations translate into preseason success for Houston against the NFL lines remains to be seen.

It’s not likely that the Texans will want to trash the preseason against the NFL gambling odds as they would want some momentum heading into the regular season but they also don’t want to go up against the NFL lines when it counts as a team with injuries to key players.

Houston will open the 2009 exhibition season against the NFL lines on Saturday, August 15 as they travel to Kansas City to face the Chiefs.  Kansas City will be starting a new era against the NFL lines with a new front office, coach, quarterback, and renovated Arrowhead Stadium, which may make them tough in this time and setting.

The Texans will then come home to take on the New Orleans Saints against the NFL lines on Saturday, August 22.  New Orleans also has high hopes for a post season bid and will be working to shore up their defense as their offense is one of the most explosive in all of football.

The Texans will stay home for a Monday, August 31 matchup against the NFL lines versus the Minnesota Vikings on ESPN.  The big question for this one is whether or not Brett Favre will be on hand as quarterback of the Vikings, who are a leading contender in the NFC against the NFL lines this year.

Houston will close the preseason on Friday, September 4 as they travel to Tampa Bay to face the rebuilding Buccaneers, who may want this one far more than the Texans will as Houston will definitely be looking to protect key performers in this one.

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