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NFL Lines Question - Which Redskins Will Show for 2009'

NFL lines were beaten like a war drum by the Washington Redskins in the early stages of the 2008 NFL gambling season as rookie head coach Jim Zorn was being touted as a savior.

NFL lines handicappers learned once again however that a team’s NFL gambling fortune can change on a dime and what is up one week can crash the next.  The question this year for the Washington Redskins against the NFL lines is which version of them will appear for NFL gambling handicappers?

Will it be the team that started off the 2008 season 4-1 both straight up and against the NFL lines or the team that went 4-7 straight up the rest of the way with just 2 more payoffs all year against the NFL lines?

Head coach Jim Zorn had the experience of going from a hero to a zero in just a few short weeks as early profits against the NFL lines blew up into heavy losses.

Zorn himself even questioned whether or not he deserved to come back this year but volatile owner Daniel Snyder will give him another shot against the NFL lines for 2009 although expectations will be high.

Washington’s offense turned out to be what did them in against the NFL lines as they ranked just 19th overall in total yards and an even weaker 28th overall against the NFL lines for scoring.

Quarterbacking was the weakness, which reflects poorly on Zorn as he was a veteran signal caller in his playing career with the Seattle Seahawks and touted as a quarterback mentor/teacher.

Right now Jason Campbell, who was the starter last year, is pegged as number one on the depth chart, but he is expected to be challenged during the preseason.  Campbell will enter his 5th NFL season in the final year of his contract and will likely be moved if he doesn’t produce the goods this year.

While Campbell has steadily improved and has won the respect of his coaches and teammates the fans still don’t buy into him and until he can get Washington into the playoffs he will have a constant cloud of disbelief over him.

While Campbell put up decent overall numbers he has not shown the ability to rally the team or hit the big play.

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