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NFL Lines Patriots Preseason Roster Highlights

NFL lines will be back up at a premium level on the New England Patriots for this upcoming season of as they are one of the NFL’s most successful teams.

NFL lines will be jacked up on the Pats as Tom Brady returns to his starting quarterback job after missing the 2008 NFL gambling campaign due to an injury.  It is not likely that Brady will see a lot of action against the NFL lines in preseason however as coach Bill Belichick will not want to expose him to potential injury as the Patriots have a NFL gambling vulnerability with their backup quarterbacks after trading Matt Cassel in the past off season to the Kansas City Chiefs.

The ease in which the Patriots let Cassel go was puzzling as he grew in effectiveness against the NFL lines last year and had the Patriots in a tie for first place with the Miami Dolphins for the AFC east title.  The Patriots missed playing against the playoff NFL lines due to a tie breaker rule.

Although the Patriots former personnel director, Scott Pioli, is now the Chiefs general manager that still doesn’t justify how the Patriots did him such a huge favor in giving up Cassel on the cheap.

Kevin O’Connell, a 2 year pro out of San Diego State, is a good reason why the Patriots are not too worried about their backup quarterbacks going against the NFL lines.  O’Connell is considered Brady’s eventual replacement and why the Patriots didn’t feel that letting Cassel go was a long term risk to their success against the NFL lines.

O’Connell figures to see a lot of action this preseason against the NFL lines.  Third on the depth chart at quarterback is Matt Gutierrez, a 3 year pro out of Idaho State, who has thrown just 1 regular season pass against the NFL lines in his career.

He will also get extensive preseason playing time.  Wes Walker and Randy Moss make for attractive and productive receivers for any of the New England signal callers to utilize.

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