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NFL Lines Jaguars Preseason Preview

NFL lines could provide good value on the Jacksonville Jaguars against the preseason NFL gambling odds as the Jags will be looking to establish positive momentum after a bad 2008.

NFL lines on such teams can often be highly advantageous as they want to erase the bad feelings of the prior season by having success in the exhibition season against the NFL gambling odds.  Jacksonville head coach Jack Del Rio is under fire and must produce this year against the NFL lines or face the unemployment line.

The Jaguars will have a great opportunity to establish their better psyche in the preseason opener on Monday, August 17 as they travel to Miami for a matchup against the NFL gambling odds versus the Dolphins.  Miami came out of nowhere last year to beat the NFL lines and win the AFC east division title.

Jacksonville could use a preseason win over Miami against the NFL lines as inspiration for their own comeback story in 2009.  Jacksonville will then host the other Florida team as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will pay them a visit on Saturday, August 22.

Tampa Bay will be welcoming a new coach and quarterback after long time skipper Jon Gruden and last year’s starting quarterback Jeff Garcia have since departed.

This will be the first game for the Jaguars at home against the NFL lines and with all of the negativity that took place at the end of last year this would serve as a great opportunity to get the fans back on their side.

Week 3 of the preseason will have the Jaguars travel to Philadelphia for a matchup against the NFL lines with the Eagles.  Philadelphia may be one of the least motivated teams against the preseason NFL lines due to their status as a veteran contending team which can only serve to help Jacksonville’s overall board value.

The preseason finale against the NFL lines will take place Thursday, September 3 as the Jaguars host the Washington Redskins.  Washington is much like the Jaguars in that they want to leave the preseason with a good taste in their mouths after a bad finish in 2008.

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