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NFL Lines for Week 4 Preseason Highlights

NFL lines for the fourth week of preseason action are always a challenging handicap against the NFL gambling odds as the preseason finales have a lot of variables.

NFL lines for the preseason always offer a good handicapping challenge against the NFL gambling odds but the last exhibition games are always the toughest to figure.  When handicapping the NFL lines for week 4 of the preseason a game such as the Pittsburgh Steelers at Carolina Panthers on Thursday, September 3 is a matchup against the NFL gambling odds of teams that are prime contenders for the post season.

These are teams that are likely to empty their benches early and give long auditions against the NFL lines for players on the bubble of being cut from the roster.

The matchup against the NFL lines of the Kansas City Chiefs at the St. Louis Rams may be one of the better week 4 games as there is the intra-state rivalry factor to consider as well as two teams looking to rebound against the NFL lines after poor seasons in 2008.

As is usually the case in the preseason matchups against the NFL lines that would be the best in the regular season are often the worst when in exhibition play.  The September 3 matchup of the New York Giants at the New England Patriots would be a classic example of that against the NFL lines.

Neither team has any incentive at all and much like the Pittsburgh at Carolina matchup against the NFL lines there will be a lot of players on the bubble seeing considerable playing time.  Another matchup of playoff teams will take place in the final week of preseason action on September 3 as the Atlanta Falcons host the Baltimore Ravens.

On Friday, September 4 another matchup that would be great in the regular season will take place as the Minnesota Vikings host the Dallas Cowboys.  Both teams are leading contenders for the NFC title and the Vikings are likely going to be trying to get Brett Favre acclimated to the offense.

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