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NFL Lines - Colts Preseason Preview

NFL lines for the Indianapolis Colts in the preseason have been one of the worst values on the board against the NFL gambling odds since 2005.

NFL lines have been beaten by the Colts just 5 times in those last 4 exhibition seasons against the NFL gambling odds and that may likely continue this year.  New head coach Jim Caldwell was the assistant head coach of the Colts under Tony Dungy during that time for the Colts against the NFL lines and this veteran perennial contender is unlikely to exert itself much in preseason as they want to stay healthy for when the games count against the NFL gambling odds.

Indianapolis will open their preseason schedule against the NFL lines on Friday, August 14 as they host the Minnesota Vikings, a leading contender to take the NFC title this year.

The Vikings are also a veteran team but they may have the added intangible of having Brett Favre in the lineup for at least some of the game against the NFL lines as the new starting quarterback.

The Colts will stay at home on Thursday, August 20 with another matchup against the NFL lines versus a veteran playoff contender as the Philadelphia Eagles will pay them a visit.  Much like the Colts the Eagles will be looking to avoid key injuries in the preseason more than beating the NFL lines.

On Saturday, August 29 the Colts will travel to Detroit to take on the Lions, who were the first team in history to lose all 16 games in the regular season straight up.

The Lions might make for a good preseason value against the NFL lines as they have a new coach, front office, and potentially a new quarterback in the first pick overall in the NFL draft with Matthew Stafford of Georgia.  The Lions will certainly be looking to build up momentum against the NFL lines heading into the regular season.

Indianapolis will close the preseason on Thursday, September 3 at the Cincinnati Bengals. The Bengals are also looking to improve their mindset and confidence heading into the regular season and could be tough at home in the exhibition finale.

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