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NFL Football Gambling Turnover Losers

NFL football gambling often comes down to turnovers. Nearly everyone betting on NFL games has suffered a “bad beat” because of turnovers.

NFL football gambling fans have often had the misfortune of betting on a team with superior stats that burned those betting on NFL football action with them because of turnovers.  Turnover ratio is as important a statistical guide as any other when handicapping the NFL football gambling card.

Teams on the minus side of turnover ratio are usually dangerous teams to be betting on NFL football games with.  Last year the San Francisco 49ers ranked as the worst team in NFL football gambling for turnover ratio at -17 and that went a long way towards their covering just 7 games against the spread out of 16 last year.

The Denver Broncos had a catastrophic season last year in which they collapsed down the stretch to blow what seemed like a certain berth in the NFL football gambling post season.  Denver was tied with San Francisco as the worst team in NFL football gambling for turnover ratio with a -17.

As a result of their turnover deficit Denver beat the NFL football gambling odds in just 4 out of 16 games last year.  The Dallas Cowboys suffered an end of season collapse that rivaled Denver’s and a big reason why was their poor turnover ratio of -11, which was the 3rd worst in NFL football gambling.

Dallas lost 9 out of 16 games against the spread in large part due to their turnover ratio.  The Detroit Lions -9 turnover ratio was as good of a reason as any as to why they were the first team ever to go 0-16 straight up in a season and lose 9 out of 16 games against the NFL football gambling spread.

The Buffalo Bills also lost 9 out of 16 games against the spread last year based in large part to their turnover ratio of -8, which was 6th worst in the league.  Nothing can change the mindset and mood of a team and the crowd like a turnover.  As a result nothing can change a bet like a turnover.

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