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NFL Football Gambling Future at Sports Gambling

NFL football gambling fans have been focused on the NFL, team scouts and the top college players gathered to determine the future of football gambling.

The NFL combine is a peculiar event by stretch of the imagination but as most NFL football gambling fans know is quite important. NFL football gambling fans next big date will be the NFL draft and so far no single player has emerged as the top pick.

The worst team in NFL football gambling last season was the Miami Dolphins and as a reward for their awful display they’ll be given the first pick in the NFL football gambling draft.

Many football gambling experts expect them to deal this pick and that would have serious repercussions as to which player NFL football gambling fans would see as the number one pick over all.

Miami’s new chief of football operations Bill Parcells has traded away a top pick before and with Miami’s many needs NFL football gambling analysts expect him to try and move this pick as well and go for quantity rather than quality.

However, if the Dolphins do keep the pick (or are unable to move it as many NFL football experts have predicted) they will likely go with either a QB or a D-lineman.

The Dolphins need help at every position except for perhaps running back, a possibly unfortunate circumstance as Arkansas RB Darren McFadden is considered by some NFL football gambling analysts to be the best player available.

But there is also a lot of football gambling hype surrounding three D-lineman with the front runner among these players likely Chris Long. Long put up huge numbers this year and NFL football gambling experts love his pedigree and his work ethic.

And who wouldn’t love his 4.7 40-yard dash time, a site rarely seen in NFL football gambling for a nearly 300 pond man.

At QB the only real contender according to most NFL football gambling scouts is Boston College’s Matt Ryan and the word around football gambling circles is that Parcells is not willing to invest $30 million in a questionable talent like Ryan.

Long appears to have to inside track if the Dolphins keep the first pick, after serious NFL football betting questions were raised about LSU’s DT Glenn Dorsey. But the most likely move according to most NFL football gambling observers would be for the ‘Phins to deal down.