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NFL Football Betting - Patriots Preseason Preview

NFL football betting on the New England Patriots is a great regular season investment but in the pro football betting preseason there are few teams that offer worse value.

NFL football betting on the Patriots last preseason was on nothing but losses as they failed to cover any of their four pro football betting exhibitions.  As one of the most veteran and established contenders in NFL football betting the Patriots have little reason to break a sweat in the exhibition schedule.

Their main objective in the pro football betting preseason will be to escape without injury.  While the return of quarterback Tom Brady is the big NFL football betting news coming out of New England do not expect him to see much action at all during the preseason.

Instead the Patriots will continue to groom Kevin O’Connell as Brady’s eventual replacement during the NFL football betting preseason and also give a lot of work to Matt Gutierrez.  New England opens the NFL football betting preseason at Philadelphia against the Eagles on August 13.

Philadelphia will be about as motivated as the Patriots which means not very much.  This could be one of the worst NFL football betting exhibitions of the summer.  The Patriots will then host the Cincinnati Bengals on August 20.

Cincinnati is trying to get their psyche back after a terrible 2008 season and should offer gamblers much more positive NFL football betting intangibles.  Although New England will be the favorite, that is based entirely on the public perception rather than the potential NFL football betting reality of this exhibition matchup.

New England will then travel to Washington to meet the Redskins on August 28.  Washington will also likely have more motivation than the Patriots as they will want to impress the home crowd and also build up their morale for the regular season.

The Patriots will complete preseason play on September 3 at home against the New York Giants.  As two teams that are established contenders you can expect the benches to empty with second and third line players fighting for jobs.

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