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NFL Football Betting Key Over 'Tell'

NFL football betting teams that throw far more than they run can often make for reliable “over” teams on the pro football betting board.

NFL football betting teams that run the ball will eat up the clock but those who throw a lot will often end up with more plays from scrimmage on the pro football betting stats.  With more plays come more NFL football betting scoring opportunities and the greater potential for games going over the pro football betting total.

The Arizona Cardinals were a great NFL football betting example of this last year.  Arizona was dead last in NFL football betting with just 21.2 rushing attempts per game.  It was therefore no accident or irony that the Cardinals were the top “over” team in NFL football betting as they went over the total in 11 out of 16 games.

The Detroit Lions averaged just 22.0 rushing attempts per game based in large part because of their trailing in all of their games.  Detroit was the second highest “over” team in NFL football betting for 2008 as they had 10 overs, 5 unders, and 1 push.

The New Orleans Saints were 26th overall in NFL football betting for rushing attempts with an average of just 24.9 per game.  The Saints had one of the most prolific passing attacks in all of NFL football betting as Drew Brees passed for over 5000 yards.

New Orleans was tied with the Lions for second place in the NFL for overs with an identical 10-5-1 mark against the totals.  The Denver Broncos averaged just 24.2 rushes per game, as they were also highly dependent upon their quarterback at the time; Jay Cutler.

Denver went under the total just 7 out of 16 games in large part due to their pass heavy attack.  The Dallas Cowboys went over the total in 9 out of 16 games as they too were a top heavy team with the pass as they averaged just 25.1 carries per game.

Again, when a team has more plays from scrimmage, it has more chances for scores and big plays to occur which makes for a greater chance at a game going over the total.  Rushing teams have less plays because they eat up clock time.

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