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NFL Football Betting - Dolphins Preseason Preview

NFL football betting on the Miami Dolphins last preseason was an outstanding pro football betting value as they were motivated for new coach Tony Sparano.

NFL football betting this year on the Dolphins in exhibition action could be much more dangerous as Miami is now a pro football betting playoff contender.  Miami won the AFC east title last year in Sparano’s rookie NFL football betting season and now will likely use the preseason to play inexperienced players while protecting starters from injury.

The objective last year was to establish positive vibes and to build momentum for the 2008 pro football betting regular season.  That is not the case this year.  Miami opens the NFL football betting preseason on August 17 at home against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Jacksonville is coming off a poor season and thus has the likely NFL football betting intangible factor of motivation in their corner as the Jaguars will be looking to get back on track after bombing out as a favorite to make the NFL football betting playoffs last year.

Miami will then host the NFC south defending champion Carolina Panthers on August 22.  Like Miami the Panthers will likely be looking to avoid injury in the NFL football betting preseason and have little to prove in the exhibition campaign.

This might be a good NFL football betting spot for the Dolphins as they will not play at home again until week 2 in the regular season.  Miami’s third NFL football betting preseason game will be at Tampa Bay against the Buccaneers on August 27.

Tampa Bay will be playing for a new coach and will be sorting out their starting quarterback situation so they will be a tough team to figure.  This could work in Miami’s advantage although with a new coach the Bucs will be motivated not to embarrass him.

Preseason action closes for Miami on September 3 at New Orleans against the Saints.  This is a game in which both teams will want to avoid injuries and are likely to utilize backups in for most of the series.

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