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NFL Draft Odds Slots 21-32 at Sports Gambling

NFL draft odds get particularly interesting at the last part of the first round in NFL draft betting action when the elite teams make their selections.

NFL draft odds on the best teams are based on maintaining their excellence and finding hidden nuggets that got away from the early portion of the NFL draft betting order.  The Philadelphia Eagles pick 21st on the NFL draft odds and are slated to take Georgia tailback Knowshon Moreno.

Moreno is known for his natural instincts and would be a welcome diversion for quarterback Donovan McNabb.  The Minnesota Vikings are 22nd in the NFL draft betting rotation and are looking at Arizona tackle Eben Britton to provide needed help on the offensive line.

The best organization in football will pick 23rd in the NFL draft odds.  The New England Patriots are projected to be taking cornerback Darius Butler of Connecticut, which would be a highly popular pick.  NFL draft odds fans will pay close attention to this pick as New England has considerable “street cred” with their personnel moves.

Oklahoma State tight end Brandon Pettigrew is slated for the 24th spot on the NFL draft odds board and the Atlanta Falcons.  The Miami Dolphins go 25th on the NFL draft odds and are looking at defensive back Sean Smith of Utah.  The defensive oriented Baltimore Ravens like USC linebacker Rey Maualuga.

The Indianapolis Colts are 27th on the NFL draft odds and are likely to go with Missouri defensive tackle Ziggy Hood.  Philadelphia goes again on slot 28 of the NFL draft odds and will stick with offense as they are projected to take tackle Will Beatty of UConn.

The Giants are in obvious need of a receiver and should take wideout Percy Harvin of Florida.  Tennessee is coming off a heartbreaker in the playoffs and wants to shore up their defense with defensive back Vontae Davis of Illinois.

Defending NFC champion Arizona picks 31st and is looking at defensive end Clay Matthews of USC while the defending world champion Pittsburgh Steelers get the final pick of the opening round and are looking at defensive end Jarron Gilbert of San Jose State.

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