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NFL Betting Top QB's Draft at Sports Gambling

NFL betting season is still months away but it’s never too soon to begin boning up on NFL bet information.

NFL betting fans are certainly aware that the NFL draft is just weeks away. However, as with most NFL betting drafts there is no clear number pick in the mix right now and it will likely be a draft decision as to which player is taken first in the NFL betting draft. And if you were thinking of making an NFL bet on the draft, a smart NFL betting policy would be to bet against a QB going number one overall.

NFL betting analysts have been dissecting the pick for months now and traditionally the pick goes to a QB more often than not. But in a crop of talent like the one we’ve seen this year, not many NFL betting experts are convinced that there is QB in the batch worth taking with the number pick overall.

In fact this year’s NFL betting draft class is a bit thin at the signal caller position. Right now Boston College’s Matt Ryan has separated himself from the rest of the QB entrants into the NFL betting draft by a wide margin. He doesn’t have a terribly strong arm, but he has lighting quick release and has good pocket awareness.

One knock many NFL betting analysts have against him is the fact that he had way too many errors and INTs in college. However, one thing these NFL betting pros don’t take into account was the fact that he had a very poor supporting cast.

In any case, NFL betting personnel people expect him to be taken somewhere in the first round –the only QB to go that high, according to most people that comment on NFL bets. Other QBs like Andre Woodsen and Colt Brennan have seemed their NFL betting stock sink in past few months.

Brennan’s lack of play against big time competition and Woodsen’s slow release has hurt their NFL bet stock. USC’s QB John David Booty, at one time thought to be NFL betting number one pick overall material has also slid on weak arm strength concern.

But he’s smart and tremendously accurate and could be the NFL betting sleeper at this position. And don’t forget Joe Flacco, the owner of the best arm in the draft who could prove to be the best NFL bet at the QB spot on draft day.