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NFL Betting Odds - Preseason Weeks One and Two

NFL betting odds for the first two weeks of preseason can be tricky as success against the NFL betting lines requires a great deal of preparation and research.

NFL betting odds makers will take into account the heavy amount of substitutions when setting the NFL betting lines as well as the public perception of the teams.  When handicapping the NFL betting odds for the first week of preseason you can expect most teams to play their normal starters no more than a series or two against the NFL betting lines.

There are some good opening angles, however, that can be used for a potential edge against the NFL betting odds.  Any team that has a new head coach after coming off a poor season is often a solid bet against the NFL betting odds in their first preseason game.

This is because established veteran contending teams do not place a great deal of emphasis on beating the preseason NFL betting odds while the teams with a new coach are often extra motivated to show well for him.  Beyond that a new coach will often want to beat the NFL betting odds to try and improve team morale and confidence.

Week two can offer some additional angles against the NFL betting odds.  This is where a team that is coming off a bad loss against the NFL betting odds in the first week of preseason may bounce back with a better effort, especially if they are playing their first home game of the exhibition campaign.

Conversely a team that had an easy home win may not put as much effort into week 2 if they are on the road.

Just because teams played in week one doesn’t mean that there isn’t still an “opening” as some teams will be playing their first ever home game and others, such as the Dallas Cowboys this year, will be opening their new stadiums which is usually a solid angle for the preseason.

While regular starters still won’t see much action some teams may use starters for close to the first half of the game, making for interesting wager potential on halves.

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