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NFL Betting Odds Beaten Soundly by Belichick

NFL betting odds have many factors to take into account when handicappers make their football betting selections.

NFL betting odds are often beat by teams with the superior coaches.  Coaches that have well disciplined teams that don’t make a lot of mistakes are great football betting commodities.  There has been no better team to take against the NFL betting odds this decade than the New England Patriots and head coach Bill Belichick is a major reason as to why.

Last year, in fact, epitomized why Belichick is one of the most valuable assets in all of football betting.  Having to play without starting super star quarterback Tom Brady for the entire season, New England still managed to go 11-5 straight up and 9-7 against the NFL betting odds.

That performance against the NFL betting odds was indicative of a team that is well disciplined and prepared and of a team that rarely beats itself.  In 2007 Belichick’s team got the cash in 10 out of 16 games.  They had the same identical record against the NFL betting odds in 2006.

The Patriots were an even 8-8 split against the NFL betting odds in 2005 but in 2004 they lost just 3 out of 16 games against the NFL betting odds.  In 2003 it was much the same story with just 2 losses out of 16 games against the spread.

Keep in mind that the Patriots have increasingly faced higher prices posted on the NFL betting odds board as their popularity with gamblers has continued to climb with all of that success.

And yet in spite of that the team has continued to beat the spread consistently thanks to the way that Belichick has prepared them and the system that he has built.  Belichick has proven that in the NFL, which many consider the ultimate “player’s league,” a coach can have a significant and long lasting impact.

With Brady returning as quarterback this year it is likely that the Patriots will again be in the black against the board and making profits for their increasing number of backers.

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