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NFL Betting NFC North Preseason Angles

NFL betting on the NFC north this preseason is on a group of teams that have a lot of work to get done during the exhibition NFL gambling campaign.

NFL betting fans have new quarterbacks, coaches, and attitudes to consider and the pressure is already on with each team in this division heading into the NFL gambling preseason.  The Minnesota Vikings are the defending NFC north division champions but could have the biggest roster change in the NFL betting preseason as Brett Favre is likely to join the purple gang just in time for the NFL gambling exhibition campaign.

Favre’s arrival would bring a lot of attention and enthusiasm, but also a lot of work to do for the Vikings in preparation for the NFL betting regular season.  Beyond that, last year’s starter Tarvaris Jackson may not want to give up the job without a fight in the NFL betting preseason.

Handicapping the Vikings in the exhibition campaign could prove to be quite a challenge.  The Green Bay Packers are under fire already and the first NFL betting exhibition has not even been played.  While fans were patient in last year’s transition season without Favre they will not be nearly as forgiving this year.

General Manager Ted Thompson is already under the gun to make sure the Pack is back in 2009 as they slipped noticeably on both sides of the line.  The Packers will also need to use the preseason NFL betting schedule to vastly improve their special teams which were horrible last year.

The Chicago Bears are not without optimism entering the NFL betting preseason as they have a significant upgrade at quarterback with newly arrived Jay Cutler, who came in a trade from Denver after not hitting it off with new coach Josh McDaniels.

Cutler could make the Bears the team to beat in 2009 but the preseason must be used to get him in sync with the offense and teammates.  The new look Detroit Lions will use the NFL betting preseason to install a new attitude and to make for as smooth a transition as possible for the new coaching staff and players.

There will be a lot of quarterback competition there this summer.

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