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NFL Betting NFC East Preseason Angles

NFL betting on the NFC east teams will be on a NFL gambling group of intense teams and fans that will not lay down lightly during the exhibition campaign.

NFL betting fans saw the New York Giants, Dallas Cowboys, and Washington Redskins all suffer bad second half finishes in the 2008 NFL gambling season.  The Philadelphia Eagles were the one NFL betting commodity from the NFC east that had a strong finish and a decent end to their season.

Philadelphia is also the one team in this division without a lot to prove in the NFL gambling preseason and may simply want to escape unscathed. The Eagles are expected to give younger and more inexperienced players plenty of playing time to audition for more important roles in the 2009 NFL betting regular season.

The Dallas Cowboys have to use the NFL betting preseason to set a new team psyche and tone after their 2008 collapse that saw them blow the playoffs.  Dallas was the top team in the NFC in 2007 and that is where they want to get back to.

However they must use the NFL betting exhibition campaign to find more explosive receivers on offense, especially now that Terrell Owens has departed for Buffalo.  Owens may take his baggage with him but he also takes a lot of ability to the Bills.

The Washington Redskins were a solid surprise team early last year only to falter in the second half.  Head coach Jim Zorn will want to use the NFL betting preseason to regain the positive attitude and momentum heading in the regular season.

He will also want to use the exhibition NFL betting season to try and fine tune his offense and make it more consistent.  The New York Giants are still one of the favorites to win the NFC east this year but they must try and get their offense back on track and more consistent in the NFL betting preseason.

Much like Dallas the Giants got rid of problem child wideout Plaxico Burress but now must find an explosive replacement.

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