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NFL Betting AFC West Preseason Angles

NFL betting on the AFC west this preseason could be on the most interesting NFL gambling group for August as the teams have a lot to accomplish.

NFL betting fans will see 3 out of the 4 teams in the division with new coaches and potentially new quarterbacks to make for a strong NFL gambling challenge.  The San Diego Chargers are the one NFL betting commodity in this division that is fairly well set.

But even the Chargers have work to get done in the NFL gambling exhibition season as their defense was in the bottom quarter of the NFL betting stat rankings and needs significant improvement if they are to take the next step into legitimacy as contenders.

The Oakland Raiders settled on Tom Cable as head coach after they improved their play and intensity under him in the second half of the 2008 NFL betting season.

Oakland acquired Jeff Garcia in the off season from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and that triggered a NFL betting quarterback controversy as Garcia stated that he wanted to compete against JaMarcus Russell for the starting position.

The Kansas City Chiefs have an entire new look NFL betting look from the front office to the coach to the quarterback.  Todd Haley, former offensive coordinator for the NFC champion Arizona Cardinals was hired as head coach by new general manager Scott Pioli, who made his fame as a personnel man with the New England Patriots.

Pioli somehow got New England to trade Matt Cassel to the Chiefs. Cassel had a solid 2008 NFL betting season after taking over for the injured Tom Brady.  The Chiefs have a lot of work to do in the preseason to get acclimated with each other and the new system.

They will also want to improve the attitude this exhibition season.  The Denver Broncos now have Josh McDaniels as coach and Kyle Orton as quarterback after trading Jay Cutler.

Orton is not anywhere near as skilled as Cutler and the Broncos must use the NFL betting exhibition season to take the sour taste out of everyone’s mouth regarding Cutler’s ugly departure.

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