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NFL Sports Betting - Bengals Preseason Preview

NFL sports betting on the Cincinnati Bengals for the 2009 NFL football gambling preseason could be one of the best values on the board potentially.

NFL sports betting on the Bengals is for a NFL football gambling preseason commodity that will need any excuse that they can find to improve their attitude and optimism.  Cincinnati head coach Marvin Lewis will be facing the “firing squad” if his team does not show significant NFL sports betting improvement and a poor NFL football gambling preseason would not help him in changing the Bengals psyche and morale.

The Bengals open the 2009 NFL sports betting preseason on August 14 at New Orleans against the Saints.  The Bengals would seem to have an excellent opportunity in this matchup and be a potentially strong NFL sports betting value.

They have more to play for than the Saints, who are fairly established as a contender and they may also play their starters deeper into the game than New Orleans in order to get their team in sync.  The Bengals next travel to New England to face the Patriots on August 20.

This would be another NFL sports betting opportunity for the Bengals to be a live dog. The Patriots lost all 4 of their NFL sports betting preseason games both straight up and against the spread last year and will have little reason to put much effort into this matchup.

A win over the Patriots at New England, even in the NFL sports betting preseason, would be a very positive step for the Bengals.  The NFL sports betting preseason home opener for Cincinnati is August 27 as they host the St. Louis Rams.

Both teams want to improve their morale after bad seasons last year but its likely the Bengals will want to show well at home.  The preseason ends for Cincinnati at home against the Indianapolis Colts, who have been a terrible preseason commodity through the years.

This game would provide the Bengals with a great chance to head into the regular season with momentum and a positive attitude.

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