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The NFL is Back! Week 1 Betting Preview

After a full month of preseason action, the 2014 NFL season is finally underway. There are several exciting betting odds to take a closer look at for Week 1. The season is just getting started and there are already some interesting bets to try out.

Baltimore vs. Cincinnati

The Baltimore Ravens have the smallest spread as they have a -1.5 line against the Cincinnati Bengals. The greatest concern for the Ravens involves what to do with the running game. Ray Rice is suspended for this and the next game to start the season. Meanwhile, this marks the first game since the middle of last year where Bengals defensive lineman Geno Atkins has been fully healthy.

Denver vs. Indianapolis

The Denver Broncos are -6.5 favorites against the Indianapolis Colts but the big story comes from the over/under. The game has an over/under of 55 points; this is the highest in the NFL this week. The extremely productive passing games of Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck will certainly be worth watching but one story of note involves Wes Welker being out for the Broncos as he was recently suspended.

Dallas vs. San Francisco

The Dallas Cowboys are listed at being +4.5 at home against the San Francisco 49ers. The greatest concern for the Niners this week is the lack of productivity for the team during the preseason. The team was sluggish on offense during the preseason and couldn't get a touchdown in the first two weeks. Colin Kaepernick is hoping to have a rebound year for the Niners while Tony Romo is hoping to shake off the pressure in Dallas while at the quarterback position.

Atlanta vs. New Orleans

The New Orleans Saints are favored by -2.5 points in their match with the Atlanta Falcons. The game has an over/under of 51.5 as well. The game is expected to be highly offensive but the biggest question will be if Matt Ryan and the Falcons are going to make a comeback last year after struggling all season long last year.

Detroit vs. New York Giants

The New York Giants and Detroit Lions are also teams that are trying to make comebacks from the past year. The Lions are favored by -5.5 in this game. An important point for the game comes from the need for the Lions' Matthew Stafford to try and look for additional targets. While he has one of the NFL's most prominent wide receivers in Calvin Johnson to work with, he has often had a hard time trying to find additional targets.

Philadelphia vs. Jacksonville

The largest odds of the week come in the game between the Philadelphia Eagles and Jacksonville Jaguars. The Eagles are -10.5 favorites and have a -500 straight bet pick going for their benefit. While the Eagles are indeed talented, what truly puts the team on top comes from the issues that the Jaguars have at the quarterback position. While Chad Henne is the starter for the Jags, rookie Blake Bortles has a good shot with potentially becoming the starter at some point early in the season. The Jaguars have not done much to try and improve one of the NFL's weakest running games; the departure of Maurice Jones-Drew to Oakland does not help in the least.