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Football Gambling Overreach at Sports Gambling

Too many football gambling fans mistake the term 'value' for always taking the dog in NFL gambling lines.

Just as a football gambling player should never make overlays, (laying too many points on an overpriced favorite), a gambler should also never fall into the trap of outfoxing himself and getting on the same side as a rotten football gambling team that has little or no chance of succeeding against the NFL gambling lines.

To put this another way, there is no value in a loser. One of the most embarrassing things that you will pick up on and notice in pro football gambling are those handicappers who outsmart themselves by over analyzing a game and deciding to take the worse team just because they are getting a lot of points, regardless of the merits of the wager.

Sure, overlays are unacceptable and an unforgivable sin in pro football gambling but it is just as stupid to lay out NFL gambling money on a garbage football team, particularly when they are up against a superior team that has something to play for. Too many football gambling fans mistake the term "value" for always taking the dog in football betting lines.

That is a mistaken approach. The dog may be the first place to LOOK and CONSIDER for NFL gambling but that doesn't always mean that the dog is the final answer. Sometimes, the chalk is the way to go in football betting lines and the better value for football gambling, especially in comparison to a rotten football team.

There are truly few things more frustrating in football gambling than having money on a helpless team that falls behind early on the road and cannot begin to hope to mount any type of a comeback, even to sneak through the "backdoor".

And yet that is the trap that many gamblers set for themselves by overreaching with bad teams based on what they perceive to be an NFL gambling line that is far too high. Sometimes, even in pro football gambling, laying large amounts of points, (ten or more) is the smart way to go depending on the merits of the teams and the intangibles.

You will find that NFL gambling fans who are experts at pro football will get hooked on taking garbage and thinking that it is value, which demonstrates that these losers may know football but nothing about football gambling. The value is with the winner and sometimes the football gambling winner must lay a lot of points.