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More NFL Gambling Checkpoints at Sports Gambling

Team defense and the turnover margin NFL gambling stats are a great place to start for football gambling handicappers but their work cannot end with that.

There are other areas that are nearly as important and must be checked to make for a complete analysis of NFL gambling odds. A team's quarterback is of critical importance when evaluating them for potential football gambling.

Brett Favre, during most of the first half of this decade, was a virtual one man team for the Green Bay Packers as they sank and swam on his powerful arm. When Favre was on, Green Bay was often a team that fans could streak with but when he bottomed out, as was the case in 2005, the Packers were a "go against” team in NFL gambling odds due to his errors and the team's lack of depth.

A team with a solid quarterback is rarely out of a game and makes for a particularly strong underdog candidate in NFL gambling lines as such quarterbacks can bring teams through the "back door” for fans with late covers. Along those same NFL gambling lines a gambler wants to be careful about making overlays against teams with good quarterbacks as they often have the habit of causing "bad beats” with those "backdoor covers.”

Special teams can make or break so many games in NFL gambling and those football gambling handicappers that take a thorough accounting of the kicking game are going to build themselves a lethal edge against the NFL gambling lines. Think of how many times a blocked kick, long return, or clutch field goal changed the outcome of an NFL gambling game and a wager.

The kicking game often ends up being the most exciting features on the NFL highlights because of its dramatic impact in NFL gambling. In regards to the kicking game there are few things more frustrating than to have money on a team that is allowing blocked kicks, missing field goals, and allowing large returns to the opposition.

Those things rarely add up to profits in NFL gambling and such teams should be avoided, if not outright opposed. The football gambling handicapper that simply focuses on offense and defense is doing an incomplete job when looking at football betting odds and will miss out on "lucky wins” that will instead turn into "bad beats.”