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NFL Gambling Road Dogs at Sports Gambling

During the NFL gambling season a gambler cannot avoid taking a home chalk now and then, the home chalk is the right side to football gambling on.

But on a long term basis, a gambler cannot consistently beat the NFL gambling odds nor turn a profit by betting on home favorites, as that is the popular and therefore costly thing to do. The real money to be made in football gambling comes with dogs, most of whom are on the road. Before you even evaluate the merits of a NFL road dog you will normally have the built in advantage of more favorable NFL gambling lines, which means added value.

You will also have the advantage of going against the ignorant NFL gambling masses, who tend to gravitate towards home chalks. So you will most often get a more favorable price going with road chalks in NFL gambling lines.

That being said, you can improve your NFL gambling odds and value even more if you take this general theme into more specific areas of study when handicapping the pro football gambling odds. Your most live road dogs in pro football gambling are also the best NFL teams.

Bona fide playoff contenders, or veteran champions such as the New England Patriots, often make the best road dogs for NFL gambling. You are getting a quality team and getting them at plus points. Such NFL teams are not bothered at all by playing on the road and, in fact, many actually thrive on the challenge.

You will find that your best teams in pro football excel on enemy turf. Winning on the road is what separates the pretenders from contenders in NFL gambling. Although quality road dogs are the best approach, what you really want is simply an even matchup in which you are getting the points.

If you have two inconsistent or erratic NFL teams in a matchup, the logical side in NFL gambling lines is with the road dog as, in reality, nobody has any business being favored in such a matchup and the line is more or less simply based on that home field “tax/surcharge” levied on the masses for wanting the home chalk.

Veteran NFL teams that have stayed together and have a proven ability to win on the road are perhaps the best values on the pro football gambling boards as road dogs.

Despite the hype about the supposed home field advantage, a winning NFL gambling player will have no fear abut hitting the road for some serious jack!