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Know NFL Gambling at Sports Gambling

Ever met an NFL gambling geek? This is the guy that knows every detail about the last man on the roster of every team in the league and football gambling.

Ever met an NFL geek/degenerate, the type that takes draft week off to study and make his charts? This is the guy that knows every detail about the last man on the roster of every team in the league. The NFL gambling “expert” that knows all about the assistant coaches, the interior line play, let alone all of the fantasy league material about skill position players. Sure, we have all been exposed to the pro football gambling fanatic that seems to know everything about the NFL when looking at NFL gambling odds.

There is something else to know about such folks, however, they are way more often losers at NFL gambling! Remember the saying about the guy that was in the forest so deep that he couldn't see the trees? That is the trap that so many NFL experts suffer from as they end up confused when gambling on football as they, in essence, know too much about football and next to nothing about NFL gambling.

To succeed at NFL gambling, a gambler is far better off being an expert at sports gambling itself rather than pro football, its teams, its players, and its coaches. If a gambler is an expert at NFL gambling, that means that he knows how to read the pro NFL gambling lines, their hidden meanings, and how to read the masses.

An expert at pro NFL gambling has a “Sportsbook Outlook” in which he thinks and analyzes games based on the mentality of an oddsmaker rather than a mass handicapper that thinks like every other Tom, Dick, and Harry involved in NFL gambling. Expertise at pro football is no different than an overeducated president.

Jimmy Carter was far more “book smart” and “knowledgeable” than his successor, Ronald Reagan, but who got the better results, the graduate of the Naval Academy or the actor known as an “Amiable Dunce?” Carter was highly respected by the establishment, just as many mass NFL gambling handicappers are respected for their knowledge when it comes to looking at football gambling odds.

They are NOT, however, respected for their results. The ones who make the football gambling odds know everything that an NFL degenerate knows, plus how he will react with that knowledge when gambling on football. In the end, it is far more important in pro NFL gambling to think like the real winners; the ODDSMAKERS!