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Key Injuries and NFL Gambling at Sports Gambling

We should consider how the mass NFL gambling public often reveals their emotionalism when gambling on football.

Keeping in mind that we always want to think like a sportsbook when gambling on football, rather than a NFL gambling fan, we should consider how the mass NFL gambling public often reveals their emotionalism, incompetence, and lack of judgment when it comes to how they react to the results and NFL betting stats of the previous week's games.

Just as the mass sports gambling public overreacts to pro football injuries, particularly to key personnel, they often times get just as whacked out over the most notorious results of the previous week. An upset, a blowout, a heart breaker, you name it and the masses in pro NFL gambling will always arrive a week late and several dollars short.

A great example in NFL teams was from the 2005 NFL opening weekend when the rebuilding Miami Dolphins clobbered the favored Denver Broncos in embarrassing fashion, which was one of the more shocking results of that opening Sunday.

By the time that game was over, Denver was being written off for public and NFL gambling fans as a "has been" and their head coach, Mike Shanahan, was being derided as having been on the job too long and ineffective as a coach without John Elway as is quarterback.

Well, the rest was history for NFL teams and NFL gambling players, as were many NFL gambling bankrolls, as the Broncos went all the way to host the AFC Championship game, before finally losing to eventual Super Bowl champion Pittsburgh.

The lesson of the 2005 Denver Broncos should serve as a classic example of how one game gets completely blown out of proportion not only by NFL gambling fans, but also by the media, who will sensationalize results and NFL betting stats just to provoke the most controversy and reaction.

Smart and detached NFL gambling players, however, who think like a sportsbook when looking at NFL teams, would have realized that Denver was a quality team that simply got ambushed in the opening game for Miami's new head coach, Nick Saban, and that the Dolphins would come out extra hard at home in his debut.

OK, Denver looked terrible and was not ready but that one game didn't justify writing them off. In fact, it transformed them into a value that was unwanted by the masses that were gambling on football for the several weeks that followed.

The eventual Super Bowl champion Steelers, in fact, were also written off for dead in mid-season proving the NFL gambling masses wrong yet again.