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History of Super Bowl Lines at Sports Gambling

Super Bowl lines are without question the most popular ones of the year.

The history of Super Bowl odds goes back 42 games since Super Bowl XLIII will be played in February. Let’s take a look at some interesting historical facts about Super Bowl lines. Super Bowl lines have ranged all the way from 19 points down to just a single point.

The biggest Super Bowl odds ever were in Super Bowl XXIX as the San Francisco 49ers were favored by 18 points against the San Diego Chargers and won 49-26. Some people will argue a little bit about that being the largest of the Super Bowl lines because in Super Bowl III the Baltimore Colts were heavily favored against the New York Jets.

There was not much record keeping back then in regards to Super Bowl odds so the official number has been 17. Some people though believe that the Colts were as much as a three touchdown favorite in Super Bowl lines for that game.

The lowest of the Super Bowl lines occurred in Super Bowl V as the Dallas Cowboys lost to the Baltimore Colts as one point favorites in Super Bowl lines. In the history of Super Bowl lines there have been 10 favorites of 12 or more points and surprisingly, four of the underdogs won outright versus the Super Bowl lines.

Only 6 of those 10 won the game. That number is really very low considering favorites of 12 points or more normally win over 90% of the time. The history of Super Bowl lines in terms of totals doesn’t go back as far since people didn’t begin tracking totals until Super Bowl XVI. That gives us 27 previous games to look at.

The highest total in terms of Super Bowl odds was in Super Bowl XXIX, the same game that had the 49ers favored by 18 points. The total on that game was 54 and sailed way over. There have been seven Super Bowls that had totals of 50 or more and four of those seven actually went under.

The lowest total in Super Bowl lines was 33 in Super Bowl XXXV when the defenses of the Giants and Ravens met and of course the game went over.

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