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Handicapping NFL Super Bowl Odds at Sports Gambling

NFL Super Bowl odds cannot be handicapped the same way that regular season odds are.

Super Bowl odds have different dynamics and factors that are important. Let’s look at how to handicap NFL Super Bowl odds. NFL Super Bowl odds handicapping should begin by understanding how the line is made. During the regular season the odds are set based on power ratings and public perception.

With NFL Super Bowl odds the numbers are set based almost entirely upon public perception. Nothing else matters. Most of the people that bet the Super Bowl odds are public bettors, not professional bettors. The guy on the street determines the NFL Super Bowl odds.

The public bettors are almost always going to like the team with the better record and by a lot more points than normal. The public bettors will also want to see points scored so that means NFL Super Bowl odds will have high totals. Gamblers just don’t like to cheer against points being scored.

If you want to handicap Super Bowl odds it has been easier than you might think. If you pick the winner of the game you almost always cover the NFL Super Bowl odds. That means if you think the underdog has a chance in the game you should take them on the money line in addition to the NFL Super Bowl odds pointspread.

Another option in NFL Super Bowl odds is to bet propositions. These are the options that go beyond the side and total. You might see an edge on a prop where a player is matched up against another player. Unlike the Super Bowl odds, you might find some props where you can find an advantage.

Doing the research is important when you look at props in the Super Bowl. As you look at NFL Super Bowl odds you have a multitude of choices. Don’t just automatically assume that the side and total are your only options. You can bet quarters, the halftime, propositions, contests, etc.

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