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NFL Football Gambling at Sports Gambling

Football gambling fans have been engaged in a vicious civil war over the decades as to whether NFL gambling or football online gambling on the college game is superior.

While Internet football gambling on NCAA football is as entertaining a sport as you’ll find it simply doesn’t compare to the excitement of NFL football gambling.  The pro football gambling offers a football gambling experience that surpasses the college fame on almost every front. 

Football gambling fans has wasted countless hours trying to drive this point about the superiority of NFL gambling compared to NCAA football.  For the most part their message has been heard, but there are still sports fans that enjoy gambling on football that prefer to gamble on football at the college level.  And in a free country every football gambling fan should be allowed to indulge in whatever type of football gambling they chose.  And the college football gambling is not without its excitement.  In fact, the college game runs a close second to NFL gambling when it comes to exciting wagering sports, but it just isn’t the same.

The reason why NFL gambling is superior to other forms of sports betting, including college football gambling is the fact that it has the greatest athletes in the world.  At the college level there are a handful of star players that dominate every game and that are obviously destined to play in the NFL gambling one day.  But in the football gambling at the professional level everyone is super talented.  Even the last men on the bench were college football superstars and in terms of talent there is simply nothing that comes close to the NFL football gambling. 

Another reason why football gambling in the NFL is so entertaining is the strategy involved.  As every player is an excellent athlete and most teams are on a similar level when it comes to talent the deciding factor in many professional football gambling games is the play calling and the strategy.  For football gambling purists the NFL games are like a chess match played out with human gladiators.   College football gambling simply does not have that type of element relative to the NFL football betting.  College football does have the potential for the big play, perhaps more frequently than the NFL football betting.  But in the NFL there exists the potential for the big drive, which is even more exciting than a single game changing play. 

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