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Football Betting - Key Holdouts Continue

Football betting handicappers are keeping a close eye on some key holdouts that could significantly alter the football gambling landscape for the 2010 season.

Football betting contenders such as the Jets, Chargers, Patriots, and 49ers are facing the prospects of altering their lineups for the start of the football gambling race.

The New York Jets are one of the favorites to win the AFC title in 2010 and had the top defense in pro football last year.  Cornerback Darrelle Revis is a big reason why.

Revis is touted as the top defensive back in the game and he is holding out to be paid as such.  Revis is reportedly willing to sit out the entire season to get what he wants long term and that would be a significant blow to the Jets and their drive for the Super Bowl.

The San Diego Chargers are yet another top preseason favorite with the football odds to win the AFC and they were facing a key holdout by linebacker Shawne Merriman.

Merriman and the Chargers finally came to terms right before the preseason opener against the Chicago Bears which San Diego won 25-10.  Merriman was a first round draft pick in 2005 and was being replaced by Larry English.

The Chargers were also having to deal with the holdouts of wide receiver Vincent Jackson and offensive tackle Marcus McNeill.

Jackson is one of the top receivers in the NFL and had 68 catches for 1167 yards and 9 touchdowns last year.  Jackson has a complicated situation in that he is suspended for the first 3 games of 2010 due to a substance abuse issue.  He may sit out until week 10 so he can gain another year of service towards free agency.

McNeill is also said to be considering the week 10 strategy for his holdout.  The Chargers have no legitimate backup for McNeill, which gives him some leverage before the opening game with the NFL lines.

Offensive guard Logan Mankins is holding out on the New England Patriots.  He was offered $7 million per season and may wait until week 10 to report as well.

Defensive tackle Aubrayo Franklin of the San Francisco 49ers turned down a little over $7 million but may sign soon for guaranteed money.  The 49ers are a football betting favorite to win the NFC West Division this year.