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Football Odds Say Trojans Reload Instead of Rebuild

Football odds have favored the USC Trojans as a heavy chalk since the 2002 season which was their breakout year that returned them to power football betting status.

Football odds have seen the Trojans show a football betting profit in all but one season since 2002 and never win less than 11 games straight up.  Head coach Pete Carroll is the architect of this powerhouse against the football odds and as the track record shows this is a football betting program that reloads instead of rebuilds.

That being said, The Men of Troy are not without holes to fill against the football odds starting with quarterback, where last year’s starter, Mark Sanchez, has departed for the NFL’s New York Jets leaving a wide open field to compete for the starting job.

Still, the offense does return 9 starters including last year’s leading rusher Stafon Johnson, who had 705 yards, 9 touchdowns, and a 5.1 yards per carry average.  USC was the 22nd best rushing team against the football odds last year and runs a balanced offense.

And while everyone laments the loss of Sanchez keep in mind that the Trojans have always had a strong passing attack against the football odds no matter who was over center.  John Morton will take over as offensive coordinator against the football odds as Steve Sarkisian departed to take over as the head man of Washington.

Morton was passing game coordinator for the Trojans before the promotion.  The defense could really be a problem area for the Trojans as they lost 8 starters.  The defense last year was air tight as it ranked 2nd overall in the nation against the football odds.

Rocky Seto has taken over as defensive coordinator to further complicate things but Carroll used to run the defense himself so Seto will have help if needed.  Seto has been on the staff 11 years.

The Trojans have finished in the top 5 against the football odds for the past 7 years running and have won the Pac-10 title in each of those seasons.  Until proven otherwise they are still the team to beat!

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