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Football Gambling Questions Abound in Big D

Football gambling backers of the Dallas Cowboys felt like the NFL betting equivalent of a man who found that his dream girl had many costly flaws.

Football gambling fans expected Dallas to make the Super Bowl last year rather than end up out of the playoffs due to a legendary NFL betting collapse down the stretch.  Dallas enters the 2009 football gambling season with more questions than expectations and they will also be entering the season in a new and very expensive home as Texas Stadium has been vacated after serving as the Cowboys home since 1971.

Owner Jerry Jones has a lot of money tied up in the new facility which will add even more heat to this NFL betting pressure cooker.  Another departure of football gambling significance this off season was that of pop off/head case wide receiver Terrell Owens.

Owens act got old, as it always does, but he also played down a notch during the 2008 football gambling season and had several crucial drops that were costly.  But blaming Owens for the disastrous final month of the 2008 football gambling season would not be fair as the problems were far greater and numerous than TO.

The Dallas Cowboys lack of polish and discipline is first noted by their turnover ratio for the 2008 football gambling season as they ranked 3rd worst in the league with a -11.  That statistic was emblematic of the Cowboys poor play and underachieving ways.

Quarterback Tony Romo was another football gambling problem as he threw 14 interceptions, many of them critical, and he was terrible down the stretch.  In the Cowboys 1-3 finish in the stretch run Romo had quarterback ratings of 44.9, 66.2, and 55.8 in the losses with a 3/6 touchdown/interception ratio.

The Cowboys defense was another football gambling weakness, particularly down the stretch as the finished the year ranked just 20th in the league for points allowed.  In the final two must win games of 2008 the Cowboys allowed 77 points to embarrass themselves and end up out of the money.

What do you think the Cowboys will do for 2009?

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