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NFL Football Gambling on Randy Moss at Sports Gambling

NFL football gambling has experienced a whirlwind past couple of days. The football gambling universe has been thrown on its head.

NFL football gambling experts had expected Moss to re-sign quickly with the 18-1 New England Patriots, but that did not happen. Nor did the team place the franchise tag on the star WR, a move many football gambling analysts saw as a sure fire way to keep the free agent around for at least another season. But at the moment Moss is testing the free agent waters and there seems to be little indication that he will be in a Pats uniform when the new NFL football gambling season begins.

Players have been flying around the league to new team addresses and with just about every team in NFL football gambling interested, the top prize in the free agent market, Randy Moss has some interesting decision ahead of him in regards to his immediate NFL football gambling career.

That’s not to say that a deal can’t be worked out, or that a deal is close to being done, but most people in the NFL football gambling community don’t seem as sure as they were in the past that Moss would wearing Pats colors in the 2008 football gambling season.

And as with most major events in NFL football gambling there have been myriad rumors about what Moss’ next actions will be. The New York Times and ESPN both reported that Moss has contacted his ex-Viking teammate QB Daunte Culpepper about a possible NFL football gambling reunion at a new team.

Although exactly what was said between the two was unknown and neither commented on the possible NFL football gambling repercussions of such a move. Two teams reportedly linked to Moss include the Dallas Cowboys and the Green Bay Packers.

NFL football gambling fans recall last year that Brett Favre was adamant about getting Moss and has those same feelings again this year. That situation may seem a bit far fetched according to some football gambling gurus who believe Favre might finally retire. But the Cowboys situation is an interesting one in terms of NFL football gambling.

With Moss lining up with T.O. and Tony Romo it would be one of the most potent offenses in NFL football gambling. But for that to happen Dallas would have to pay a king’s ransom and it might not be able to afford it according to many football gambling sources.