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Football Gambling - AFC South and West Overviews at Sports Gambling

Football gambling saw two powerhouse teams from the AFC south go down in flames against the odds NFL in their first round playoff games.

Football gambling handicappers saw the once powerful AFC west degenerate into the worst division in football with teams gushing red ink against the odds NFL.  The football gambling question in the AFC south is whether or not the Indianapolis Colts and the Tennessee Titans can maintain their dominance against the odds NFL or if they will suffer a decline.

Tennessee figures to be in better football gambling shape than the Colts, who have lost their head coach, offensive coordinator, offensive line coach, and have an aging roster.  Tennessee must improve the offense, however, as that is what did them in against Baltimore in their football gambling playoff loss.

The Titans finished 13-3 and blew home field with that playoff debacle while the Colts were 12-4 and lost to a crazy San Diego team in the football gambling wild card round.  The Houston Texans could be a surprise football gambling team in the AFC South after back to back 8-8 seasons and a likely decline by the Colts.

Jacksonville was 5-11 and doesn’t seem improved.  The San Diego Chargers backed into the AFC west title after standing at 4-8 with a month to go only to rally to win their final 4 games and beat out the Denver Broncos for the title.

The Broncos fired long time coach Mike Shanahan and replaced him with a kid assistant from New England named Josh McDaniels, who promptly had problems with quarterback Jay Cutler who was traded to Chicago.  Denver looks to be a football gambling mess.

Kansas City swept out the front office and coaching staff and will break in a new quarterback, Matt Cassel, who did a nice job filling in for Tom Brady last year at New England.

The Oakland Raiders signed Tom Cable as the full time head coach for the 2009 football gambling season and there is optimism coming from camp about an improved attitude and team.  In the AFC west it may not take much improvement to climb the standings.

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