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Football Betting NFC Preseason Overview

Football betting on NFC preseason football will offer gamblers plenty of football gambling handicapping angles and opportunities this August.

Football betting fans will have new coaches, quarterbacks, and motivational angles to consider when making their exhibition football gambling picks for 2009.  The Dallas Cowboys soap opera drama and circus will be minus Terrell Owens but with plenty of other football betting factors to consider starting with a new and expensive stadium that owner Jerry Jones will be under intense pressure to fill.

The Cowboys are going to have to find a breakaway threat on offense as well as regain football gambling momentum for the regular season after their epic collapse at the end of the 2008 football betting campaign.

New coaches will be patrolling the sidelines this August for the Detroit Lions, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, St. Louis Rams, and Seattle Seahawks.  This football betting preseason will present them the opportunity to get off to the best possible start and with improved mindsets when the real football betting action begins in September.

The San Francisco 49ers will look to build upon their football betting momentum of last year when Mike Singletary took over as coach midway through the year.  The 49ers closed strong last football betting season and more will be expected now that Singletary will conduct his first ever training camp as head man.

The Arizona Cardinals, defending NFC champions, will give quarterback Kurt Warner’s backups plenty of opportunity to win the number 2 job and a lot of playing time which could actually be a football betting advantage for those backing the Redbirds.

Jay Cutler will learn a new system as quarterback of the Chicago Bears while their NFC central rival Minnesota Vikings may be breaking in Brett Favre, who looks bound to be wearing purple this fall.  Favre’s old team in Green Bay will want to built up positive vibes this summer after a bad 2008 season.

The New York Giants suffered a bad end to the season as well but are still considered a top contender.  They will also want to get a good vibe going now that problem child Plaxico Burress is gone. will have the exhibition opener on August 9 so be sure and open your account for the action!