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Football Betting Draft Prospects at Sports Gambling

Football betting fans are a drift in a sea of doldrums right now with no games to make a NFL bet on.

But the upcoming NFL combine is one event that every football betting fan should take note of even if it lacks the drama of the Super Bowl, or even a preseason game for that matter. Football betting fans may not get all that excited at the prospect of watching college players get worked out like race horse, poked and prodded like cattle for sale at a market, but the NFL combine is actually an important way to gain insight into the upcoming football betting season.

And truth be told, it’s not like there’s so many other football related activities going on right now. So if you plan to make a NFL bet in the coming season you should definitely tune in. The NFL combine certainly provides no absolute evaluations and often times players with great showings at the combine do very little in the NFL.

But for the most part the NFL combine is a great chance for football betting fans to get a look at incoming NFL players that might not have gotten to see otherwise. One player of particular interest among NFL betting fans that could see his stock draft sky rocket with a good showing is Virginia DE Chris Long.

Not that he needs to worry about falling out of the first round or anything, but with a big day at the football betting combine Long could cement himself as the first pick overall.

His numbers speak for themselves with 14 sacks in 2008 alone and averaging over 6 tacks a game, but not many football betting fans even saw his Cavaliers play last year, let alone made a NFL bet on an UV game. So that’s why the NFL combine is so important not only for the players but also the NFL betting fans.

Other players near the top of the football betting experts draft list that could cement their spot at the top of the draft list with big showings are LSU’s Ken Dorsey who many football betting analysts have some questions about.

If were to come out and post huge numbers he would almost certainly become the number one pick taken in the draft. But in the draft just with NFL bets, there are no certainties and that’s what makes it so exciting.