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Football Betting AFC Preseason Overview

Football betting for the AFC preseason will feature plenty of different football gambling objectives to consider when handicapping the games.

Football betting has seen a lot of important changes in the AFC that could have significant preseason football gambling implications when analyzing the games.  Tom Brady returns to the New England Patriots as quarterback for the upcoming football betting season.

That makes New England’s objective in the football gambling preseason quite simple which is to make sure Brady doesn’t get hurt.  Backup Matt Cassel was traded to the Kansas City Chiefs after an effective 2008 football betting performance so New England will have to work out who will be the primary backup.

The Pittsburgh Steelers will also have the football betting objective of giving backups plenty of playing time and for trying to escape the football betting exhibition slate unscathed as defending world champions with a set lineup.

Indianapolis enters the football betting preseason with many questions as head coach Tony Dungy and key assistants are no longer patrolling the sideline.  This will make for a summer of transition for the veteran Colts.

A new coach always makes for a potentially solid football betting commodity in the preseason and the AFC has plenty to offer with new head coaches at the New York Jets, Cleveland, Denver, Kansas City, and Oakland along with the Colts.

Such teams often will want to get the new man off to a positive start and play with more motivation during the football betting preseason.

Denver, Kansas City, Oakland, Jacksonville, Cincinnati, Cleveland, the Jets, and Buffalo will all have new or potentially new quarterbacks taking over which will make for an interesting August with the potential of a lot of playing time for solid signal callers trying to either win the full time gig or improve upon last year.

In the case of Kansas City and Denver you have quarterbacks that have experience but will be learning new systems on new teams.  Baltimore will want to use the summer to improve the offense while San Diego will want to work on shoring up the defense.

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