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Football Betting AFC North Preseason Angles

Football betting on the AFC north division teams for the football gambling exhibition season will be on extremes in both ability and objectives for the summer.

Football betting fans have teams ranging from powerhouses in Pittsburgh and Baltimore to weak football gambling Ohio cousins in Cleveland and Cincinnati.  The Cincinnati Bengals could be one of the most interesting football betting commodities in the preseason.

Cincinnati must sort out its quarterbacking and overall offense which was the worst in all of football gambling last year.  The Bengals showed no ability to run or pass consistently last football betting season and will work this summer to get that into shape.

Head coach Marvin Lewis is likely out if Cincinnati fails to make the football betting playoffs so it’s likely that he will want to set a good tone in August.

Eric Mangini was fired after the 2008 football betting season as coach of the New York Jets but quickly caught on with the Cleveland Browns, who need a lot of help on both sides of the line as well.  Cleveland’s offense was the second worst in all of football betting after Cincinnati and Mangini is expected to make that change.

Mangini will sort out the quarterbacking position during the football betting preseason.  The Baltimore Ravens were a surprise team last year that ended up in the AFC championship game against rival Pittsburgh.  The Ravens will likely give their backups on defense a lot of work as they are basically set with a strong unit of starters.

The offense needs work, however, as it ranked in the middle of the pack last year and could not matchup with elite teams.  The defending super bowl champion Pittsburgh Steelers will simply want to escape the football betting preseason without serious injury as they look set for a strong title defense.

It’s not likely that Pittsburgh will put much on the line in August.  In preseason football worst can be first and vice versa and both the Browns and Bengals may bring more cash than the Steelers or Ravens.

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