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Football Betting AFC East Preseason Angles

Football betting on the preseason with AFC East teams has some potentially strong football gambling angles that can bring profit for the summer of action.

Football betting fans will have as much to go for as against with their football gambling analysis of the AFC east exhibition campaign.  The Buffalo Bills have had a tough football betting run over the past few years and many thought that head coach Dick Jauron should have been fired following the 2008 football gambling season.

But Jauron survived, many believed, because the Bills didn’t want to spend the money on a new coaching staff while also paying for a fired one at the same time.

Jauron’s return does open the window, however, for potentially strong preseason football betting opportunities as the Bills will certainly want to improve their overall psyche and attitude for the upcoming regular season.  Expect Buffalo to play harder in the football betting preseason than many of their more established opponents would.

The New York Jets will welcome new head coach Rex Ryan to the sidelines this football betting preseason.  Ryan is a defensive specialist and this will be his first head coaching gig.

Many times a team with a new head coach can be a good preseason football betting value as was the case last year with the Miami Dolphins, who went 3-1 both straight up and against the spread in exhibition play for Tony Sparano.

Ryan has plenty of work to do on both sides of the line and his number one priority will be to find a starting quarterback.  The Dolphins enter this football betting preseason as the defending champions of the AFC east and with nothing to prove.

Miami may not play as hard in the 2009 football betting exhibition campaign now that they are re-established as a contender.

While Tom Brady is back as quarterback of the New England Patriots don’t expect him to see a lot of exhibition action as the Patriots don’t want a repeat of last year when he missed the entire season.  The veteran Pats just want to be healthy for when it counts!

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